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"La Cena esta Servida"


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B.F.A. Solo Show

La Cena está Servida
Dinner is Served



A place of enlightenment, conviviality, and nostalgia, the dining table has always served as a sacred space in my home. Since I could remember, I would always marvel at the ritual of meal preparation, enchanted by the way raw materials were transformed into delectable, yet masterful creations. That is the symphony of preparation: assembled by hand, yet made by the heart. Being raised in a household where the dining table was the center of the home, gatherings were for more than aji de gallina. Important decisions were made, confrontations occurred, and we shared our truths with one another.

My work serves as an exploration of the relationships that formed around the dining table, reflecting on the people that have been a part of my journey and the influence they have had on me. The truths that were shared continue to nourish me as an individual, drive my creativity and enhance my humanity.

Ethereal whispers, those truths, forever ingrained in my soul. For every communion, we take away a piece of the ones that were there, for the human is always made in parts. Whether to adorn or to use, my work serves to facilitate these connections, as it is not complete without human engagement.


So with every facet of my being: dinner is served.